More About Me

Buying and Selling a home is a happy and exciting time! It can also be overwhelming and naturally comes with stress. Im a REALTOR who can successfully guide you through this important decision of your life! I'm Here To Help You Every Step of the Way!

One thing that is constant in life is there will always be change!  Sometimes life events are a result of big changes in your life like buying or selling your home, the loss of a loved one, a new marriage, a change in financial circumstances, divorce, or moving to a new city – the list goes on!

These events are chapters of your life ending as well as doors opening for a new adventure!  Yes, it is true that transitioning during these changes aren't always surrounded by happiness or clarity. In fact, these changes can either have you feeling excited, perplexed, or maybe lost.

One thing is clear, how you process the change will impact the trajectory of your life.

My GOAL is to listen, provide resources and help you make an informed decision in buying, selling or investing in Real Estate.

I see myself not as a sales person, but as a professional and coach who guides you through one of life's major events of buying or selling a home. 

My mission in real estate is to help you find your way HOME! I will do my best to help you achieve your real estate goals by guiding you and you make the best decisions for your situation. How? I listen to determine what is most important to you. Next, I advise and guide you to achieve the results you desire. We are a team and together we will discover a path to your home!

As a Discovery Coach and REALTOR I specialize in helping you find your path. I partner with you, and we discover ways to navigate through your life changes. I team with you to dig deep and find answers to questions you may have not thought about. Working together you'll develop a plan to move forward in a home you love! I partner with you to determine what you need to "come home" whether that is a physical home or the home in you!  Choosing the trajectory of your life is within your reach!  

Live Your Best Life In A Home You Love!!  Why not you?

Call me TODAY for your Real Estate and Discovery Coaching needs. Lets meet and see how I can help.Our meetings or calls are FREE and there is NO obligation.I look forward to seeing how I can help you! Take care,Rosita M. PerezCell: 619-665-9086 Email: rositasellshomes@gmail.comWebsites: